Who We Are:

My name is Mark Kunzman, founder of Clear Your Day, and I believe that experience is the essence of life. Too often we forget that mantra, overlook what’s around us, and get stuck in the same routine. And life is too short for that. Sometimes you have to force yourself to color outside the lines and in doing so, wonderful things can happen.  

While I’ve done my share of traveling, I don’t claim to be a travel connoisseur. But wherever I travel, be it abroad or in the U.S., I am always searching for something off the beaten path to do or see that might not be in the typical travel guide. It’s in my nature, and I love helping others make the same kinds of discoveries. 

Clear Your Day originated as a birthday gift for my girlfriend (now wife) when we were living in Brooklyn, NY. My goal was to create an entire day based around her personality, the things she enjoyed, and the people she loved. I began thinking about her interests, comparing them to what was available to do on that Saturday, the budget I had to spend (not much at the time!), and how to cram it all into one day. All I told her beforehand was to “Clear Your Day” because I was taking her on an adventure.

To my relief, everything went swimmingly, and my wife loved it. To this day, she still talks about it as one of her favorite experiences. Moreover, I loved it—it was like creating an intricate puzzle and having to solve it myself.  

It worked out so well that friends and friends-of-friends began contacting me to help them plan Adventure Days for themselves and/or their significant others. When we moved out of state (tears), many of my new friends approached me about helping them filter the overwhelming options available on their upcoming trip (business or pleasure) to New York City. They wanted to see the city on their own terms, not just according to tour books and tourist traps. Eventually, I was asked to create Adventure Days in other cities and towns all over the country, including Atlanta, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and more. 

And it’s taken off from there. Now I want to bring this experience to you, to your employees, and to your customers.